The Unfinished Project
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Some of our users' sites

Unfinished hosts the website for the Alderley Edge Orchestra and also provides mailing lists and email addresses for their members.

Paul Johnston's popular personal site covering cryptography and other topics. - service for managing DVD & video games collections.

What is The Unfinished Project?

The Unfinished Project is a non-commercial web site, email and shell account service. It aims to provide its users with all the functionality that may be expected from a paid-for service, such as:

In addition, Sysadmin level users have a degree of control over the service that cannot normally be gained from commercial web hosting services, that includes (for example) the ability to install/upgrade software on the machines.

The setup and ongoing development of the service is carried out through a collaborative process; an active mailing list is the scene for most of the development effort.

A number of users are talented software developers, and the key feature of the service is a bespoke server configuration build system, that enables users to control their service through a web-based interface, and allows the configuration to be easily replicated across multiple servers; we are aiming to develop this system into an open source project in due course.

Why the name "Unfinished"?

Firstly, to reflect the fact that it is a project which runs on an ongoing basis - servers need constant care and attention, so for as long as they are running, the project can never be "finished"; there is always more to be done.

Secondly, it reflects our tendency to set ourselves ambitious targets, and then never get around to actually doing all the work needed!

Finally, there is a tradition of naming machines after classical composers; the previous (now decommissioned) server was named schubert, and one of Schubert's famous works is his unfinished symphony.

Can I have an account?

We do not normally give accounts to unknown third parties; if you know one of the current users, you may request an account through them. Unless the user is a Sysadmin themselves, they will have to put your request to the Sysadmin team.

The service is provided on a "cost recovery" basis, which means that the basic service is free of charge; the only cost for domain names is the applicable registry fee; high bandwidth users are asked to pay for additional traffic charges if we incur any. Of course donations of equipment or money are always welcome.

Contacts for issues, complaints, abuse reports to report any service issues or complaints. We normally respond within 24 hours, and always within 5 days. to report any abuse from our users or systems.

Registered office: Halton View Villas, 3-5 Wilson Patten St, Warrington WA1 1PG