The Unfinished Project
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Michael Josephson

In 1997 Michael co-founded RDNS, an Internet services company (The Unfinished Project is a spin-off from RDNS). Subsequently he became a Java developer, working on a number of large-scale software projects. He is a graduate of the University of Manchester.

As the original architect of the RDNS configuration build system, a derivative of which is used by the project, Michael takes responsibility for ongoing development of the back-end database and software which controls the dynamic configuration of the machines; he has also been a major contributor to the server setup through to going live.

Robert Morris

Co-founder of RDNS, Robert is now involved in an IT services company, responsible for a number of Linux servers in conjunction with management duties. He is a Red Hat Certified Engineer. Robert successfully negotiated the sale of RDNS to in 2003. The Unfinished Project is sponsored by Robert's Linux consultancy company, R Morris & Co Ltd.

Robert takes responsibility for day-to-day smooth running of the service, management of users and domain names (including dealing with the various domain registries), and taking backups.

Paul Johnston

Following experience gained from working in several Internet services companies, Paul is now an Internet security specialist. He plays an active role in the development of open-source security auditing tools, and has an invaluable in-depth knowledge of the security aspects of the major applications used in the Internet industry.

As well as providing a significant contribution during the initial set-up phase, Paul advises on security implications of ongoing work, and audits code written by other team members - having found vulnerabilities, and even writing a successful exploit on at least one occasion!

Jack is a Computer Science graduate and professional software engineer specialising in C# .NET development in the financial sector. Jack is a long-term member of The Unfinished Project and takes responsibility for day-to-day running of the service and some management of users, domains and fault reporting.

Gareth Oakley

Currently studying Computer Science at The University of Manchester, Gareth is a talented web developer who has not only worked on a number of commercial web sites doing part-time and summer jobs, but also created Infinity Online - a successful online sci-fi strategy game which peaked at over 200 players. He is set to graduate with a level of expertise and experience that would normally only be expected from someone years after their graduation.

Although not involved from the outset, Gareth has contributed a lot in a short space of time. He is in the process of rewriting all of the front-end to the Site Tools web-based interface, and producing and maintaining this web site.